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We understand what you are going through

Life after an accident is something we hope most will never have to experience.  However, it is no longer IF you will have an accident, but WHEN you will have an accident. The injuries sustained by a motorcycle rider are 85% worse than a driver in a car.

Matt Powell is a Board Certified Civil Trial attorney with over 30 years of experience defending accident victims.  Matt’s team will contact you and help you through your accident.  We possess the skills to help walk you thru the necessary steps to protect yourself after an accident.

Please call us today because time is not on your side.  The sooner you let us help, the sooner critical things can be taken care of such as collecting evidence, getting your bike fixed, and getting you back on your feet again.

Why you need a good motorcycle attorney?

Without representation, the insurance company may take advantage of you.

Insurance companies, hospitals, medical providers, exist to make a profit from the worst day of your life.  You are going through something that you may know very little about.  Without the right motorcycle lawyer on your side you are at a serious disadvantage.

Legal Networking to find you the best attorney

For years Matt Powell has networked with the best motorcycle attorneys nationwide to provide injured riders the best legal resources in their geographic area.  If you are in need of an attorney anywhere in the United States, please call Matt Powell, who is the current president of the National Academy of Injury Lawyers (NAMIL).  NAMIL is a nationwide group of attorneys dedicated to helping riders protect their rights.

Most lawyers say they do motorcycle accident personal injury, but that is ALL our network of attorneys DO! Call Matt today about how we can help find you someone who will get you all that you are entitled to.



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