Personal Injury Statute of Limitations (The Definitive FL Guide)

How Long do You Have to Make an Injury Claim? Personal injury statute of limitations are laws that set time limits on bringing legal claims. These laws determine how much time you have to make an injury a claim. Each state has its own time limits and the article will cover the personal injury statute … Read more

Drunk Driving Personal Injury Cases (The Definitive Guide)

1. Punitive Damages and How they Relate to Drunk Driving Personal Injury Cases: If you are a victim of a car accident where the at-fault driver was drunk, you may be entitled to punitive damages. Drunk driving personal injury claims are very complex. This is in addition to all your other damages, such as injuries … Read more

Things the Jury Never Sees

Things the Jury Never Sees 8 Things the Jury Never Sees During a Personal Injury Trial 1: Crash Reports There are many things the jury never sees during personal injury trials. Did you know in Florida there is no such thing as an “accident report?” They are actually called crash reports. The State of Florida … Read more

Insurance Companies Secrets

5 Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know How to protect you and your family’s rights when dealing with insurance companies Ever notice how cute and harmless the Geico gecko seems? How soothing does the AllState guy, Dennis Haysbert’s, voice sound? Or the pleasant thoughts that fill your mind when hearing something compared to … Read more